Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Day After

“And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. -Revelations 22:12

This year at GBFPC, the YPOWT youth group put together a phenomenal play. The play told the story of a group of young people’s decisions at the second coming of Jesus Christ. Some chose to follow the Bible, and lived a life devoted to God. Meanwhile, there were others in the play who were distant and unmoved by the matter, thinking that there would be plenty of time to make things right. The message was extremely realistic and impacted many of its’ viewers. With so many reliable volunteers, everything was carefully organized and successful. The play was performed on October 15th and 16th and there were impacting altar services both nights.

Pastor Bradford giving opening remarks the first night

Chris (Bryce Cosme) invites Alicia (Lacey Newton) to a revival service

The singers and musicians did excellent

The last church service before the Rapture

All of the youth hang out at the local pizza parlor after service

Mark (Trent Rodriguez) doesn't tell good jokes - "ANYONE WANNA' BUY A POLLO?"

A family's last dinner together before the return of the Lord

Cody and Sis Michelle

Landon (Jordan Johnson) tries to convince his sister, Lauren (Brittney McAlister), to serve God

Andre (Chad Bradley), Eva (Eva Rivas), and Mark (Trent Rodriguez) await for their typical ride for school

Derek (Daniel Granillo) realizes that Jesus has returned leaving him behind

Those that were left behind return to the church realizing it is too late to reconcile with the Lord

The Antichrist (Bro CJ Casey) addresses those taking the "mark"

Mark is force to take the Mark of the Beast

A soul (Stephany Bradley) has entered into heaven

"Well done, my good and faithful servant!" say Jesus (Laren Kaufmann) to Alicia

"Depart from me!" Jesus tells the unfortunate (Jace O'Guinn) as the demons of hell approach

Entering the Judgement, Andrew (Chad Bradley)

The Hell scene

Satan (Buddy Purtell) confronts the crowd

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bethel Day

We had our annual Bethel Day fundraiser on Saturday, October 30th and it was a huge success. Over 250 people attended this event including students, student families, visitors and GBFPC members. We had game booths, a snack shack, bounce house and face painting, wheel barrow races, toe sack races, tug o' war, a dunk tank, and fun, fun, fun. The Kern County Fire Dept. and the Bakersfield Police K-9 unit also made a showing.
I wouldn't be a GBFPC event if we didn't have some praise and worship. We were blessed by our Youth Choir once again.

The highlight of Bethel Day is always the annual football game between the Bethel Boys and OATS (others, alumni, teachers and staff). It was a close game with the OATS winning 21-14.

The Bethel Boys

Bro. Harold Dansby and Bro. Kevin Condren cooked up a spectacular tri-tip dinner that was enjoyed by all.

Enjoying the puppet show

Tyler taking a dip in the chocolate fountain

Thank you Bethel Staff and GBFPC Sunday School Dept. for all of your hard work!