Saturday, November 19, 2011

The YPOWT Bonfire

S'mores, Hot Cocoa and a Little bit of Singing

What a dazzling display of sweltering flames that cloaked the susceptible marsh-mellows! Thanks to my new app/game on the iPad called W.E.L.D.E.R. (Word Examination Laboratory for Dynamic Extraction and Reassessment), I am able to create such a diverse sentence. Wow. In a more straight forward form, the marsh-mellows that we all roasted over the fire, most of them at least, caught fire and made excellent s'mores. Some people, like myself roasted over medium to light heat in order to get that gooey center and no burn marks. Others stuck their marsh-mellows in the direct flames and had a nice well done black blob. I personally cannot bear the thought of consuming such a thing. However, we all had a blast making these one of a kind creations.

The Fire Pit! Isn't it Great?

Thanks to our fearless leaders, Brother Jeremy Brock and Sister Kelly, we were able to construct this unique fire pit right in the middle of the church park. The youth gathered around the fire with lawn chairs and blankets, and we just had a great time. 

Let the Music Begin!

The Conga. Not a Congo, it's a Conga. 

Thanks to Trent Johnston, we were able to jam to a beat from the Congas. In the picture the guys, several musicians and some aspiring, are going freestyle. Some could play faster than a bolt of lightning, while others used their talent to create some pretty cool beats. And I think we may be seeing the rise of a new guitarist. Give it up for Skyyyyyler Grrrrogan! Now this is a pretty cool move on Skyler's part, he's playing a C-Chord without even touching the strings, you have to look closely to see what I'm saying. Pretty cool move Skyler! But we'd have to give it up for our guitarist behind the scenes, Kevin Forsythe! He did a great job playing his plethora of songs that just kept on coming. 

Skyler showing his tremendous talent. 

And Last but Not Least the Singing...

Now this was not intended, but the pictures that were taken, two in total, showed the C-Squared group gathered in one photo and the High School/Junior High in the other. We sang Making Melodies in my Heart, and I'll leave it up to you to decide who sang their their hearts out in this one. 

Here is the Junior High/High School

Can you guess what part of the song we're on? Here is the C-Squared along with newlyweds 
Chad and Melissa Bradley:

Whew, that took some energy! What a great night we had hanging out with great friends and awesome youth leaders. We really connected with one another and learned many different things such as how to make a medium rare s'more sandwich. Yummy. If you missed this bonfire hangout, be sure to make the next one, because its only once in a great while that you can have the greatest fire-roasted dessert on planet Earth, the S'more.

A great big thanks to Brother Jeremy Brock and Sister Kelly for the great Hot Chocolate and Bonfire. There would be no fire without you both. Literally. We love and appreciate each of you.
Keep a look-out for the next Bonfire extravaganza!