Friday, July 27, 2012

High Praises Music Conference 2012

Some Classes and Activities being offered: 

Stop the Music: Biblical requirements for the music ministry team. When music in a church is performed for the wrong reasons or by the wrong people, it ceases to edify God. when this happens, adjustments have to be made to ensure the music in a service is spiritually edifying. In this seminar we will look at the biblical principles of when to stop the music and necessary adjustments to make. 

Working with difficult People: this seminar will address the issue of dealing with, working with, and confronting difficult people while fulfilling your Christian and ministerial role in the local church. 

Retro Music/ Name that Tune: Great songs of days gone by will be reintroduced in this workshop along with ideas on how to freshen them up. Sheet music and recordings will be available for purchase. 

Have you Hear? Worship Choruses: If it is a chorus you do not know, it is a NEW chorus. As many choruses that can be presented in the allotted time will be presented by Dedie Cooley. Chord charts will be given. 

Altar and Background Music Principles: This seminar will discuss the issues of sensitivity and demonstrate the proper flow of music in this critical portion of the service. A "how-to" on the do's and don'ts of altar and background music. 

Creative Ideas for the Music Minister: This class will have multiple instructors giving helpful ideas such as a new technology, book suggestions, fundraiser ideas, successful event planning, and solutions to departmental problems. 

How to Write out Choral Parts: A quick and easy way to write out choir parts from written music. 

Other classes being offered are as follows: 
The art of Worship Leading
The Spiritual Aspect of the Entire Music Department
Chord Progressions
A Music Question & Answer Panel
Sound Basics & Church Media