Monday, June 28, 2010

Peru Mission's Team Lands Safely In LA

***UPDATED***: The mission's team has arrived safely at GBFPC. Thank you for your continued prayers, financial support and desire to see the Kingdom of God grow during this trip. May God bless all of you. We will be having a presentation during Thursday night's worship service detailing the Peru Mission's Trip.

After flying all night from Iquitos, Peru, the team has landed safely in Los Angeles. They are expected to arrive at GBFPC around noon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Days Six & Seven- Iquitos Crusade Concludes

The Peru Missions Trip concluded Sunday with a powerful move of the Holy Ghost at the Iquitos Training Center. Bro. Bradford charged the Iquitos young people to lead the church in worship and to allow the Holy Ghost to define the church.

The service concluded with Bro. Bradford calling the GBFPC team to the front of the church. He instructed Bishop Nix and the Peruvian ministry to lay hands on and anoint our young people. Then, he instructed the GBFPC team and the Peruvian ministry to lay hands on and anoint Bishop and Sis. Nix. After, he instructed the Iquitos Training Center to come forward and the GBFPC team to minister to them.
Bro. and Sis. Bradford each ministered to the the preachers and their wives in a training session this morning. Bro. Jeremy Brock then ministered to the church and was followed by Bro. Bradford.

At the crusade service last night, Randy, Brittney and Heidi ministered in a Spanish rendition of Freedom. Bro. Bradford ministered last night also. Several people received the Holy Ghost and were healed in the three crusade services.
The team will be flying from Iquitos to Lima tonight. They will then fly overnight from Lima to Los Angeles and arrive around 8:30 am. Please continue to pray for the team's safe return home.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Five- Iquitos Crusade Begins

Day five of the Peru Missions Trip concluded with a crusade and a powerful move of the Holy Ghost at the Training Center in Iquitos. The crusade opened with Bishop Nix asking those who were sick to come up to the front so the ministry could pray for them. A first time visitor came to the front and began to pray. She received the Holy Ghost and later took off her neck brace while testifying that she believe God healed her.

Bro. Bradford ministered and at least one other person received the Holy Ghost and many of the local members were renewed in the Holy Ghost.

Earlier in the day, the team visited local churches and prayed that God would send the churches great revival. The team also visted a local market and witnessed a rooster being slaughtered`

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Days Three & Four- Snake Farm, Amazon & Floating Restaurant

Days three and four of the Peru Missions Trip are complete. While on a boat tour of the Amazon River, the team visited a snake farm complete with monkeys, snakes, birds and other animals. After the snake farm visit, the boat tour took the team into remote areas of the Amazon near Iquitos to get a glimpse of the villages on the Amazon.

After the tour of the Amazon River, the team headed back to the hotel to prepare for one of the highlights of the trip: eating dinner at the world famous floating restaurant on the Amazon River.

Today, the team visited the Iquitos Zoo and an Indiana church located in the Amazon that is pastored by Bro. Miguel Angelo. There were several first time visitors in service tonight and many of them were young children. The GBFPC young people led them in two Sunday School songs and one worship song. Bro. Chad Bradley did a Word Shot and Bro. Jeremy Brock preached.
The team will be helping the headquarters church in Iquitos with outreach for crusades on Friday and Saturday. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and check back for more updates.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peru Missions Trip--Day Two

Day two is in the books. Today, we toured the Iquitos Training Center where the last team from GBFPC helped to construct a back room that now has a stove, two sinks, two full restrooms and running water. The back room also houses a satellite campus of the Lima Bible College.

Later in the evening, our team visited a smaller church in Iquitos that is pastored by Bro. Florez. Both Bro. Bradford and Bro. Brock ministered and the young people ministered in song.
Tomorrow, the team will be headed into the Amazon to visit a snake farm and have dinner on the floating restaurant.

Peru Missions Trip Begins

***UPDATED***: We've landed safely in Iquitos, Peru and we have checked into our hotel. We are preparing to go to lunch in Iquitos. After lunch we will be returning to the hotel and preparing to go to Bro. Flores' church in Iquitos. More pictures and updates will follow in the days to come...

Fifteen people departed GBFPC on Monday, June 21 for Iquitos, Peru. The purpose of the trip is to hold crusades in Iquitos and to promote the local churches. Please check back for regular updates...