Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bethel Days 2011

Let's take a peek into a special day that happens only once a year: 

The great Tug of War was a great event to end the day at Bethel Days 2011. The men faced their rivals, the ladies, and were put to the test. I'm sure the men were thinking, "We got this", going into the challenge, but the ladies pulled through with an astounding win. As you can see in the background Agent Catherine Ross working in the K-9 unit distracts the men by targeting them with silly string. Now let's rewind a bit..

The kids had a blast participating in the booths that were set up by numerous Bethel Day Volunteers. The work that went into each of these booths must have been time-consuming because each one looked amazing!

Heroes in Action! Yes, heroes they are indeed. The object of this game was to target the bandit and hit him in the face with a large sponge. Pictured here is your Heroes in Action hostess Breanna Frost and Todd Hall as your bandit. Krissa scores one big here when she smacks Todd right in the nose. Nice one!

This was a pretty cool idea for a Bethel Day Booth. Sis Denise came up with the theme Bubble War Heroes through her fantastic research. Apparently, in World War II there was a soldier that blew a bubble gum bubble the size of one and a half large pizzas! Now, I could only blow a 5-inch bubble and once I did so, it popped and stuck to my face not wanting to come off, however Todd Hall and David deserve credit for the largest bubbles of the day at a whopping 9 inches in diameter for each. 

We can assure you that the kids took a step back in time to the days of our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. Jesse Suits is pictured here, Honest Abe himself, giving the kids a taste of what the days were like when Lincoln lived in a log cabin and read stories around the campfire.
 And of course, the K-9 demonstration was a popular hit with the whole family. The officer on the left is pictured wearing the K-9's favorite toy, the arm glove. Now this dog wasn't messing around, he really wanted that toy, and when he was let loose he nearly tore the officers arm off. "Good boy, good boy", was the officers response. 

Now this is only half of the revered Bethel Day, the real fun happens at the park where the Bethel Boys and the Oats duke it out in an annual football game. Let's see how they did shall we...

Here, Referee Rick Young is pictured at the bottom left, ready to throw his yellow flag down whenever he sees a violation. Center for the Oats is Darin, here he is getting ready to hike to Chad Condren the infamous Oats quarterback. The Oats are pictured in the red jersey's, and the Bethel Boys are wearing their custom made black football jersey's. Also, at the top right of the picture is one of the mic stands on the announcing table. This game was thoroughly entertaining with your BETHEL announcers: Chad Bradley and Laren Kaufman. The sound effects were spot on, every time the Oats would huddle, jeopardy music would come on, and Chad and Laren would say,"Is that your final answer?" 

Bethel Day 2011 ending on a solemn note with some and an extremely happy note with others. Notably, the Oats were ecstatic that they won the game against the Bethel Boys of 2011 for the second year in a row with a score of 21 to 42. The boys did a great job in the game regardless of who won or lost.  This just goes to show that the Oats still have some steam left in the tank in their post-Bethel Boys adventure. A big thanks from all the football players goes to Bro Gary Newton and those who helped him lay dirt on the field to prep it for the game and to Bro Jeremy Brock for using his GPS techniques to accurately line the field. Great job guys!

This event is very special to all of us, in that it brings us all together for some great family fun. To all the volunteers: booth volunteers, cooks, Snack Shack, clean-up crew, the excellent corn-n-the-cob cooks, the field work and lining put down for the football field, and all the behind the scenes work that was put into this event, a great big Thank You to all that helped out in any way possible. This event would not be possible without you. And if you missed out this year, be sure to make BETHEL DAY 2012, its going to be awesome!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marriage Enrichment Seminar

We are very excited to have Bro. and Sis. Carr as our speakers for an evening and afternoon of focus on strengthening marriage. Don't miss it!