Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Youth Camp 2012

Wow, its amazing that we're here already!
WYC 2012 was a thrilling success, and many of our youth found a mountaintop experience with God.
As you can see, the chapel went up in spiritual flames through the power-packed preaching of Brother Brandon Wilmoth. He taught on Sins Cyclical Seasons the first night, and my what a powerful move of the Holy Ghost filled that place. 

He gave us something to hold onto, a red streamer that is. He told us that his mother had many tough times in her teens trying to make it to church without parents who supported her. Oftentimes all she could do was hold onto this red streamer that was given to her at a camp just like this. 

Each of us took one of these streamers. And began to thank
Jesus for the blood that he shed on Calvary.
The response was amazing!

Father Abraham had many sons.
And many sons had Father Abraham. 

Every year, it is great to see how the young people respond to the Word of God. And the response was phenomenal.

The services were all very impacting. Brother Wilmoth did an excellent job following the anointing and preaching his heart out to these great young people.

SO... What Else Happens at WYC Behind the Scenes?

Huhh uh Huhh... Whew outta breath!
But...we made it to the our prized destination.

On our way back home.
Whoops watch your step.

The air was so fresh and clean. 
The Hike is definitely one of the prized activities at WYC.

Then came time for Basketball!

Bro Wilmoth blocking the shot. 
He's still got it!

Watch out for this guy!
Bryson Rodriguez steals the game with this classic block. 
Symmetric and everything.

Nick: "Its so bright out here. Should've brought my sunglasses."
Barak: What's wrong Skyler?
Skyler: "Oh nothing. Just sooo wish I was playing right now."
Kevin: "Me too. Meee too..."

Nothing like watching the game from an elevated platform!

And all the other good stuff:

Our Youth Pastor Jeremy Brock. 
I so wish I could have had some of that trout.
Mmm. Haha.

Peyton. Waiting for the serve.

The Classic game of the WYC.
Don't slip now.

In a fire place.

It was fuse ball with a slight twist. 
A mouse had made its home inside the goalposts. 
So.. while we were playing fuse ball, the mouse was playing dodgeball. 

Where would we be without these guys?
Not all of our fabulous musicians are pictured here, but they are great. 
All of them.

          Well folks. That was your snapshot on WYC 2012. It was a great mountaintop experience, that no young person should miss! A great big thanks to all the volunteers of the kitchen: Sister Karen Newton, and a new couple making their debut as regulars Brother and Sister Kiffer Black. Also in the kitchen were Brother and Sister Grogan, Sister Garza, and all those that volunteered as servers. Also a big thanks to our youth leaders Brother and Sister Brock. They put hours into making this camp extra special for the young people. Thank you! And to all the musicians, singers, and Brother Chad Bradley for all the sound-tech details. We certainly have a blessed youth group!
If you missed this year, join us next year for a power-packed and anointed time on the mountain. 

Until then: