Friday, November 15, 2013

Bethel Day 2013

October is always a fun month for Bethel Apostolic Academy, Bethel Kiddie Korral, and First Pentecostal Church. Children, parents, and their families come together to enjoy a day filled with fun, food, games and festivities. Each year, Bethel Academy selects a theme and centers the entire day around that theme -and the kids love to dress accordingly. This year the theme was Western. 

Two cool cowboys!
The teachers put much creative thought and talent into each booth set up for the event. The booths activities ranged from the Pumkin Pantry to the OK Korral Hayrides to the Face painting. Yes, face painting! And some pretty talented face painters, too. They managed to persuade Bro. Mark McAlister to get his face painted. Can you guess what they painted on his face?

That's right! Keys and music notes. Man, that guy has some talent on the keys! And he credits God for his talent.
 The main attraction, however, was the County Jail. It is so much fun throwing somebody in jail...just because you want to.

Sheriff Shannon Bowdrie Pettis and Prisoners
You may ask, "How could the jail be the main attraction?". Well, I'm glad you asked. If you are daring enough and have a bank bag full of money, you can pay the Sheriff to lock up a prisoner of your choice. The more money you pay the Sheriff, the longer the time the prisoner must serve. 

Here's what happens to every prisoner. Once put in jail, you ponder "How did I get here? Who is that rotten, good for nothing, quote-on-quote friend of mine who is laughing at me while I'm stuffed in this over crowded jail?". (I am not over-exaggerating; this happens.) 
Once you get out of jail, the investigation finally find out exactly who paid to put you in jail. And.....instead of turn your cheek, like the good book says, you pay to put them in jail....for double the time. Therefore, the compounding effect of this circle of vengeance makes the jail the main attraction of Bethel Day (of course....all in good fun and for a great cause). Unless you decide to factor in the food booths. Hands down, the food at Bethel Day is fattening! Which means, it is delicious. 

Believe it or not, somebody payed money to lock up our very own Pastor and his wife.
Yes, Sheriff Shannon is enjoying that corn-on-the-cob!

Pastor Bradford doesn't look very happy to be in jail. He's a pastor through and through, though. He turned his cheek and didn't investigate who threw him in jail. I guess that makes me a pretty lucky person...shhhh don't tell him it was me!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November of 2013 marked the 70th anniversary for Greater Bakersfield First Pentecostal Church, Bishop Leon Frost's 30th pastoral anniversary, and Pastor Kevin Bradford's 3rd pastoral anniversary. We are humbled to be able to celebrate this heritage and we give God all the glory. For the 70th Anniversary Homecoming, it was an honor to have many join the celebration whose roots lead back to Bakersfield, California under Rev. I.H. Terry's and Bishop Frost's pastorate.

Pictures from the 70th Anniversary
Bishop & Sis. Frost
Pastor & Sis. Bradford
Eldon & Sis. Eckles
Dallas & Sis. Mefford
Pastor Bradford Honored by GBFPC
At the 70th Anniversary, the church honored both Pastor Bradford and Bishop Frost for their dedication, commitment, and love for the people of GBFPC and the city of Bakersfield. The below picture was presented to Bishop Frost & Pastor Bradford on a canvas to commemorate their recent trip to Israel, and specifically, to the Garden of Gethsemane. The picture also identifies Pastor Bradford teaching while Bishop Frost is resting on a rock, overseeing the teaching.
The Garden of Gethsemane
Bishop Frost Honored by GBFPC
Bob Dansby, Steve Allard, Johnny King, & Bishop Frost
Ronnie Lawrence & Ray Brown
Pastor Bradford, Johnny King, & Eldon Eckles
Steve Allard
Pastor & Sis. Bradford, Johnny King, & Bishop Frost
Chris & Sis. Hodge
Frank Cabrera
Frank Cabrera Family
Shelly Bradley & Sharamy Bradford
Dallas Mefford
Eldon Eckles
Bob Dansby
GBFPC Mass Choir
Evie Cox

Jim Shockley
Terry Arnold Condren
The "Girls" Trio
Martha Webb, Terry Davis, & Cathy Dansby
Steve & Brad Allard